Wise Woman Breast Oil

This nutrient-rich oil is a combination of several herbal infused flower oils. They have been chosen for their beneficial effects on the breasts, when used as massage oil. Susun Weed, wise woman herbalist, suggests the benefits of these and several other oils, in her book,
Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
The Wise Woman Way

"Using infused herbal oils is an easy and pleasurable way to keep your breasts healthy, prevent and reverse cysts, dissolve troublesome lumps, and repair abnormal cells. Breast skin is thin and absorbent, and breast tissue contains a great deal of fat, which readily absorbs infused herbal oils. The healing and cancer-preventing actions of herbs easily migrate into olive oil-creating a simple, effective product for maintaining breast health."…Susun S. Weed


A combination of any of the following Infused oils… Dandelion Flower -promotes deep relaxation of the breast tissue, facilitating the release of held emotions. Can strengthen your sense of self-worth, and your immune system. Poke Root -an old favorite of wise women dealing with breast lumps and breast cancer. Reduces congestion, relieves swelling, and literally dissolves growths in the breasts. Plantain Leaf -has been used successfully by women to reverse in situ cancer cells in the breasts, with frequent applications. Comfrey Leaf -one of the most amazing healing agents ever used. Comfrey both strengthens tissues and helps them become more resilient and flexible. Yarrow Flower -promotes fluid flow in the breasts and inhibits bacterial growth. Relieves swollen, tender breasts and nipples. Evergreen Needles -contain antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-tumor oils. St. Joan's Wort Blossom -repairs damage to the skin and nerves of the breasts. Helps promote good lymphatic circulation and offers prompt and long-lasting relief from pain. Castor -remedy most frequently recommended by the psychic healer Edgar Cayce for resolving lumps and growths. Olive -which all of these plants have been infused into. Ancient reputation for being a powerful healer and nourisher of skin and scalp.

These infused oils can be very strong smelling with an overwhelming pungency. For those that prefer a sweeter scent, try our
Wise Woman scented formula with clary sage, lavender, ylang ylang, and geranium bourbon pure essential oils and delicate geranium hydrosol.

Use this blend generously and often. Directions for Breast Self-Massage can be found on page 59 of Susun Weed's Breast Health book. (Information on oils taken from this book.) Thanks to Susun Weed for all her research and information.

Do not take internally or use while nursing.
Penmark Potions does in no way claim these treatments will
cure any illnesses or diseases.



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