Triple Goddess Oils

Triple Goddess Oils... The ancient Triple Goddesses of Meso-America have inspired these 3 body/bath/massage oils. The essential oils in these blends are especially formulated for nourishing the female reproductive system and the 3 stages of a woman's life.


First Bloom Oil...This soothing blend is especially formulated for the maiden "bud" aspect of the Triple Goddess. The Toltec Goddess Xochiquetzal (sho-chee-quet-zal) "Feather Flower" loved every plant and flower. She represents beauty, flowers, fragrance, pleasure, & water. She brought about the Temazcal (steam bath) scented with exotic flowers, fruits, & herbs. She played a major role in the myths & legends of central Mexico. Her symbol is the flower or butterfly. Ginger, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, patchouli, ylang ylang, clary sage, & petitgrain essential oils in a base of golden jojoba oil. Helps relieve anger, stress, tension, emotional distress, & sadness.


Moontime Body Oil...Ixchel (eesh-shell) Mayan Goddess of the moon, fertility, healing, & prophesy. A rabbit (which is what the Meso-Americans saw in the moon) was her companion. She was the "weaver of life" and much loved by women. Childbearing women would often go to her sacred island of Cozumel. Her worshippers would make pilgrimages to another of her holy places, Isla Mujeres, the island of the women. Ixchel represents the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Her symbol is the dragonfly or snake. Roman chamomile, fennel, lavender, vetiver, carrot seed, clary sage, jasmine, rose, St.Joan's Wort infused oil, in a base of olive or golden jojoba oil.
Eases discomforts of PMS. Generously rub on your lower stomach and lower back during your moontime (bleeding) cycle to nourish your internal organs and soothe anxiety, fatigue, and water retention.
(Not to be used by pregnant women.)


Grandmother Crone Oil...Tlazolteotl (tlah-sol-tee-otl) Aztec Goddess of divination, childbirth, the Four Directions, maize, cotton, & the Great Cosmic Wheel of Life. She was considered a witch who rode through the night sky on her broomstick wearing only her pointed hat. Witch Goddesses were said to haunt crossroads, the place where decisions led to good or evil. Tlazolteotl represents the Grandmother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Her symbol is the spider or eagle. Roman & German chamomile, sage, mugwort, bergamot, & lavender in a base of olive or golden jojoba oil. Good for women in their pre-menopause to post-menopause phase. These hormone-like essential oils help to balance the estrogen and progesterone levels to help relieve panic attacks, hot flashes, mood swings, depression, & crying jags.



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