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 Seven Sisters Salve is like Jesus in a Jar. Love, Jordana

Love, Sarah

I've been using Penny's Wise Woman Breast Oil for almost a year now. What prompted me to use it was a history of sore, painful, tender, lumpy breasts. I had gone through a lumpectomy in my right breast several years ago which left my right nipple numb. Last year I had a follow-up mammagram that showed 2 spots that had changed from the previous one.

I knew of Penny's breast oil from working with her at Wild Oat's, so I got some and started using it everyday. After about a month I noticed I had more feeling in my right breast and the pains that I had been experiencing for as long as I can remember--were lessening!

I have continued using this oil everyday and I just don't have the pain I did. Not only that--my breasts don't feel as lumpy. When I had another follow-up mammagram a few months ago--it came out "normal"--with no areas of concern! I am a total believer in this oil and feel lucky that I knew about it to try. 

Thank you Penny! ~Teri

I love your site!! It's nice to see "wise women" preparations. :)
Best, Kelly

I think your Breast Oil is wonderful!
I love using the oil for breast massage since I have started doing that regularly since receiving your oil...my breasts love it!
Thanks, Bonnie

I love the Seven Sisters Salve, I rub it on sore muscles and joints, sprained ankles and practically any other ailment that occurs. I live in New York City, where walking with heavy bags seems to be the norm, so I depend on the oils and herbs that feel smooth and soothing on the skin. I see Seven Sisters Salve as an old fashioned completely natural magic remedy!!
Love, Michelle

I really like the oil blend I received. The breast oil smells so good I feel so pampered. I'm running out of breast oil, I'll be putting in an order soon . Do you have any oils with vibratory qualities that help resolve emotional issues? Yes, ‘First Bloom’ Goddess Oil.
Thanks, Rebekah

Your herbal potions are magical. I can't wait to get my hands on some of your Skin Repair--I have heard it works wonders. You certainly have summoned the plant devas with your luscious, nurturing oils and Wise Woman ways. Thank you so much for sharing these delightful products with the world.
Love, Justine

I frequently use, Tinman, Moontime, and especially Grandmother Crone oils in my massage practice. Tinman on very stiff people, especially men, it really works. Moontime on all of my mom (child-bearing year) type ladies and Crone on all of my elderly ladies, and menopausal women. I have seen it help one of my menopausal clients in her 50's. My pregnant clients really like the Tummy Oil, and I really like the Breast Oil. They are all excellent oils. I use just a few drops mixed in my hand with lotion, when I massage. 

Thanks, Penny!  Love, Gabby

I am writing to tell you how much I like your Wise Woman Breast Oil . I use it nearly every day and love it. If there is any tenderness, the oil will lessen that considerably or it will totally make it disappear. I feel as though I am doing something good for an important part of my body, maintaining healthy breast tissue. My mother had breast cancer and I know it is a good idea to be aware of the things I can do to make sure I have every chance possible to avoid any problems as I age. 

Thank you so much Penny for your beautiful products, Linda



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